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IBM is our customer now!

Submitted by will on Thu, 2011-09-08 15:03.

I would like to tell you that IBM bought licenses from us!

It's not a big amount, but makes us happy since IBM surely has its own search software.

Embed DBSight Search by Javascript Widget

Submitted by will on Sun, 2011-02-06 00:29.

Integrating DBSight with your application now becomes super easy!

You only need to put a section of javascript to your page. That's all! DBSight javascript library will connect with DBSight server via JSONP and render the UI, including narrowBy widget, sort widget, pagination widget, and the result list you scaffolded.

You just need to include the javascript in the html with layout that you want.

Of course, you can customize the text, stylesheet, etc. The API is improving and please tell us what you want!

The details can be found in the shipped javadoc. We will update the wiki, scaffolding, soon.

Synchronize data with SalesForce.com to Search!

Submitted by will on Mon, 2010-07-19 14:47.

Now you can create an index via customized fetcher, and select the SalesForce.com adapter, fill in username/password and the object you want to search on, like "Account".

The rest is exactly the same as ordinary database search configuration.

The good thing is, the incremental indexing will also work. You just schedule the job. And on SalesForce.com side, you need to make the object replicable. This replicable setting doesn't matter if you create index from scratch.

Linearly Scale DBSight with Sharded Search

Submitted by will on Tue, 2010-06-29 20:56.

As your data grows, one single box can not hold all of your data. So what to do? Buy a bigger box or add another box?

Getting a bigger box may work for some. Actually it's much simpler and cost less on man-hours. A few thousands of dollars are much cheaper than putting several developers on it.

Of course, Sharded Search can go further by just adding more computer boxes.

DBSight can now support sharded search now! And you don't need to do much. Just adjust the search URL!

Suppose you are 2 indexes on 2 different boxes. The URL format is pretty simple, just say:


One Click to Sync Remote Index Configuration and Automatic Subscribing!

Submitted by will on Thu, 2010-04-08 15:15.

This is an interesting feature!

Usually if you have several DBSight servers, you may have to log on to several servers to copy index configurations. And sometimes it is hard to track which one has the latest change.

For Enterprise licenses, to use the Remote Index Replication feature, you also need to setup where the master index is.

Now everything is just one click away!

If you have the remote DBSight server's password, you can browse the local network, copy the remote index configuration and templates with one click!

Sum and Average for Facet Search

Submitted by will on Sat, 2009-08-15 03:48.

Brand New feature not seen anywhere else!

Normally when you do a facet search, you get how many hits for that facet. This is a great feature. But there is more!

Now wiht 2.1.6 beta, you can also get Sum and Average for a different field!

It's just like SQL:

  select count(*), sum(f2),avg(f2) 
  from t 
  group by f1

What's about DBSight?

Submitted by will on Mon, 2006-09-04 00:36.

DBSight uses Lucene, so it inherits Lucene's fast performance. You may think Lucene's API looks very simple, why not use Lucene directly? But when really used in database-related search, you need to

  1. Connect to databases (Connection pool?)
  2. Select the content (What if the content is in several tables?)
  3. Save as an full-text index (How to analyze the data?)
  4. And search ...
  5. And render search results

Very simple? No! Far from enough!

  • You need to parse user's query into Lucene's format.
  • You need to maintain the search when you are indexing/crawling the data.
  • You need to determine what's already indexed and what's not.

java.net news

Submitted by will on Tue, 2006-03-21 20:31.

Steve Mallett found our site


When we got his email, we thought, gee, spam emails are so intelligently targetted these days! And all of us moved the email to trash. :)

Sorry and thanks a lot, Steve!

SQL to search common Bug system?

Submitted by will on Mon, 2006-02-06 22:46.

I am interested to know if anyone is using DBSight to search their existing bug system.

Usually, bug system is also a good knowledge base. It has solutions, work-arounds, etc. It'll be nice if the bug system is easy to search, without the complicated "Advanced Search", which is done by SQL, slow and no ranking.

DBSight is an ideal solution to search on bug systems. Actually, DBSight's testing environment is a database of a high-volumn constantly changing bug system.

It'll be nice if anyone can send us the SQLs and templates he/she uses on some popular bug system, like Bugzilla, Mantis, etc.

Compared with MX Site Search

Submitted by will on Thu, 2005-12-15 14:01.

My friend send me a link.


It's a product for searching in database also. It has a nice UI for you to develop. But it has limitations:

  1. No customization on document ranking, result filtering, multiple language support, etc
  2. Only for MySQL, Postgres, and Access
  3. Only for php, coldfustion, or IIS
  4. No link between multiple tables

If anyone has tried it, let me know the performance with large data volumns.

DBSight has all the features MX Site Search claims

  • Search in multiple tables
  • Easily to configure search engine
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