Compared with MX Site Search

Submitted by will on Thu, 2005-12-15 14:01.

My friend send me a link.

It's a product for searching in database also. It has a nice UI for you to develop. But it has limitations:

  1. No customization on document ranking, result filtering, multiple language support, etc
  2. Only for MySQL, Postgres, and Access
  3. Only for php, coldfustion, or IIS
  4. No link between multiple tables

If anyone has tried it, let me know the performance with large data volumns.

DBSight has all the features MX Site Search claims

  • Search in multiple tables
  • Easily to configure search engine
  • Multiple search pages in one site
  • Designed for Dynamic Sites
  • Boolean full text and normal text indexing support
  • Highlight results with CSS
  • High performance

And we can do much much more:

  • Can Sort on fields you configured
  • Extremely customizable Search Results
  • Pre-built component to use, like categorized search results, search history, RSS, etc

We are proud of our product. We hope you like it. If not, let us know what feature you really want.