Understand DBSight in 30 seconds

1. First setup DBSight

If you don't know java, easiest way is to download the Jetty-Bundled version, and

 java -jar start.jar

Then follow the wizard to

2. Connect to your database

3. Use one or several SQLs to retrieve content

You can use sql like this to get the list of the content

 select * from articles order by updated_at desc

And sub sequent SQLs like this for lookup values

 select type from article_types where type_id = ?

The "type_id" value comes from previous queries.

4. Following the wizard to create the templates, you can customize them later

5. Finish!!! Test your search!

Flash Example on How we created a search on Drupal


Step by Step Example on How we created a search on freedb data


DBSight Wiki Document