What's about DBSight?

Submitted by will on Mon, 2006-09-04 00:36.

DBSight uses Lucene, so it inherits Lucene's fast performance. You may think Lucene's API looks very simple, why not use Lucene directly? But when really used in database-related search, you need to

  1. Connect to databases (Connection pool?)
  2. Select the content (What if the content is in several tables?)
  3. Save as an full-text index (How to analyze the data?)
  4. And search ...
  5. And render search results

Very simple? No! Far from enough!

  • You need to parse user's query into Lucene's format.
  • You need to maintain the search when you are indexing/crawling the data.
  • You need to determine what's already indexed and what's not.
  • You need to many Lucene exceptions. Do you know "read past EOF error"?
  • You need to schedule the indexing job

With DBSight, you can do all of these via web UI, no Java coding! And more!

  • You can easily switch to all-in-memory mode for performance
  • You can easily reproduce all of these work to another set of tables, or databases, or applications
  • You can easily categorize and count search results
  • You can easily hot-swap indexes
  • You can incrementally refresh the index from database
  • You can synchronize database with deleted records
  • You can easily produce several kinds of search result format for different purposes, like XML, JSON, etc
  • You can easily control jdbc threading
  • You can customize your own Analyzer
  • YOu can have your stopwords and synonyms
  • You can customize your own search result format
  • You can configure different Analyzer for different fields
  • You can use values, like prices, to rank search results!
  • You can search BLOB content

And still, everything is done just be web UI!