Database contains lots of useful information. Not being able to easily search wastes time and money!

  • Do you want to have a full-text search that's similar to Amazon?
  • Do you have a database you want to perform full-text search?
  • Do you want to setup a full-text search in just half an hour?
  • Do you want to have database vendor independent full-text search?
  • Do you want to have full-text search with higher performance than database specific approach?
  • Do you want to control the search results ranking in your own way?
  • Do you want to focus on designing your application logic first, and fine tune the search later?
  • Do you want to make your search portable, easy to reproduce and customize?
  • Do you want to scale your search linearly?

You can use DBSight! Visit our demo site, check out our step by step tutorial. With the wizard built in DBSight, you can create a search faster than reading through all the marketing materials!

End User Features

  • Hierarchical Facet Search - Not only narrow search result by different fields, DBSight also support parent-child facets
  • Several Kinds of Facet Search - Single-Valued Facets, Multi-Valued Facets, Range Facets, or customizable facets. DBSight achieves high performance with efficient memory usage.
  • Federated search - Search multiple heterogeneous databases at the same time
  • Sharded search - Search multiple indexes at the same time
  • Realtime search - Search on just-updated items
  • Hit Highlighting - Query terms are highlighted on content title and description
  • Query Syntax - Supports simple user query or complicated boolean search, range search, field search
  • Sort by - Search results can be sorted by relevance or any field
  • Pagination - User-defined number of search results per page
  • RSS Feed - Quick and easy syndication of search results, keep you up to date with the latest result
  • Recent search - Display recent search as links for user to perform the search again
  • Spell check - Check spelling errors and suggest correct spelling

Administrator Features

  • Super Flexible Crawl - Very simple SQL efficiently retrieve content, work on any data structure, no change to existing structure!
  • Not affecting the applcation - Only need read-only access, work with any existing or new applications
  • Configurable Ranking - Ranking for each document, and even each field, can be easily adjusted
  • Incremental Indexing - Only Select and Index Updated Content, can be easily configured
  • 100% Up Time - Searching is still available when new index is being built
  • Index Hot Swap - Zero search performance impact to search experience when index is updated
  • Publishable Indexes - Can work on several indexes with different content
  • Publishable Templates - Can work on several templates with different UI
  • Web-based Admin Console - Easy to use and intuitive console to manage all aspects of the Search application
  • Wizard to Create Crawler - Interactively and semi-automatically help you to create database crallwer
  • Memory-Based Index - Choice of Memory-Based Index (for fast searching) or Disk-Based Index (for large document collections)
  • Search-Result Template Examples - User can pick one of the built-in templates or develop their own template. Search result can also be delivered as HTML or XML
  • Remote Template Editting - Admin can change templates via a web browser
  • Web service API - Support Java APIs and web services for integration with other products, open data format.
  • Database crawler - Built-in database crawlers to grab context from any database that supports JDBC and basic SQL
  • Customizable crawler - API to customize crawler on data outside database!
  • Prioritiezed Processes - Separated Indexing and Searching processes. Searching has higher priority.
  • Scheduling - On-Demand & Scheduled Indexing of content
  • Reporting - Powerful real-time reporting for top queries, average response time, and 24 hours hit statistics, etc
  • Rapid deployment - Easy deploy to any Java Application Container, such as Tomcat, JBoss, Resin, Orion, iAS, WebSphere, etc
  • Remote Index Replication - DBSight servers can be configured as one indexing sever plus N searching servers. Indexes processed by indexing server can be automatically distributed to searching servers
  • No Java expert needed - You don't need to hire an java expert for building a Lucene search

Technology Features

  • Performance - DBSight can handle enterprise-level gigabyte-sized with indexes search performance under 0.5 seconds, easily average 0.02 seconds for in-memory mode.
  • Scallable - DBSight can scale linearly by sharding.
  • Rock Solid - High performance serving requests even during content refreshing and index refreshing
  • Pooled Searchers - Configurable number of searchers can fit high-concurrency demands.
  • Optimal Index Structure DBSight maintains optimal Lucene index structure for efficient updating and querying for large indexes.
  • Multiple indexes support - User can create unlimited number of indexes with customized data source and setting
  • Multiple databases support - Indexes can be from several databases from different vendors
  • Template driven result UI - Easy to use templates with editting-wizard. No need for slow and complicated XML/XSL.
  • Open Source Structure - You can always customize our seach using Lucene(open source) knowledge. If desired, you can license our code.

Customizable Features (for power users)

  • UI template for search result
  • JDBC driver
  • Analyzer for your language
  • Spell check dictionary

Built-in Supported Databases

  • Oracle
  • DB2
  • SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Postgres
  • SAP DB
  • Sybase
  • ...
  • And you can add any JDBC drivers by youself

Maintenace-Free Production Performance