Suggest-As-You-Type and other partial scaffolding

Submitted by chris on Fri, 2009-02-27 17:57.

We recently added several partial scaffolding, which you can choose to apply to the templates that're generated from scaffolding.

One of the most interesting one should be the fancy Suggest-As-You-Type. Users can start typing and some words or phrases matching what's already typed will show up as hints.

BTW: To see this feature in action, you need to configure which database column to spell check first.

Other partial scaffoldings, for example, multi-selection narrowBy, tag cloud, pagination, are relatively new. You may also want to check them out.

The scaffolding directory structure is also changed, so that you can add your own scaffolding without being overwritten when DBSight upgrades.

We plan to add some new scaffolding, like Google Map by Just specifying longitude/latitude column.

If you have some other suggestions, let us know. If you have some good stuff, we can turn it into re-usable scaffolding with your name credited.