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  • Educational institutions and trainers can apply for a free standard license.
  • Speakers on a conference can for 2 free licenses. One of them should be distributed to one of the conference attendees.
  • Bloggers with relatively big traffics can apply for a free licenses also.
Accepted applicants will receive the Standard 30MB license, and allows for free upgrades to all new releases of the software within 1 year. License renewal is available on request. Use of the software is restricted to a licensed user with no right to transfer the software to third parties. Please email to support at to apply.

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FeatureFree CommunityStandardEnterprise
Size LimitNo LimitYesNo Limit
Numeric Facet SearchYesYesYes
Multi-Valued Facet SearchYesYesYes
Time-Based RankingYesYesYes
Customizable ScaffoldingYesYesYes
Search StatisticsYesYesYes
Non Database DataYesYesYes
Incremental IndexingYesYesYes
Re-Create IndexingYesYesYes
SQL batching,cachingYesYesYes
Tag CloudYesYesYes
Integrated Spell-CheckingYesYesYes
External JavaDoc/APIYesYesYes
Sharded SearchYesYesYes
Indexing SchedulerNoYesYes
Advanced SQLsNoYesYes
Remote Index ReplicationNoNoYes
Concurrent Searches1UnlimitedUnlimited
Top Facet Caching1UnlimitedUnlimited
Recent Facet Caching1UnlimitedUnlimited

We are proud of our product and we need your support!

EditionIndex SizeSchedulerRemote Index ReplicationSupportPriceBuy
Standard30MBYesNoEmail, Forum$199
100MBYesNoEmail, Forum$599
300MBYesNoEmail, Forum$1,199
1,000MBYesNoEmail, Forum$1,999
2,000MBYesNoEmail, Forum$2,999
4,000MBYesNoEmail, Forum$3,999
8,000MBYesNoEmail, Forum$6,999
Standard (Educational Discount)100MBYesNoEmail, Forum$509
300MBYesNoEmail, Forum$1,018
EnterpriseUnlimitedYesYesEmail, ForumContact us for details
OEMContact us for details
Non-profit/EducationalContact us for discounts
License Source CodeContact us for details

Purchase of License

DBSight is licensed per IP address. All licenses include 12 months of free version upgrades and email support from dedicated DBSight engineers (one business day turnaround on bugs and priority on feature requests). DBSight can be used without problem after 12 months.

Renewal of License

After 12 months, your license can not be applied to the latest DBSight version. But you can choose to upgrade the license to the latest comparable version at 50% of the original price.

Renewal of Annual Maintenance

Maintenance renewal fees are calculated at 25% of the latest full license cost for the edition you hold at the time of renewal. Upon renewal, you are entitled to the e-mail support and time-limited development/testing/staging licenses. If you choose not to renew, your current DBSight instances won't be affected. Renewal of Annual Maintenance is included in the above mentioned Renewal of License.

About Index Size

DBSight can support multiple indexes. Index Size Limit only applys to the final index size for each index, not the total amount of index sizes.

A good way to estimate Index Size Limit you will need is to just estimate how many bytes for average database records, muliplied by number of records.

For more information, please check this EULA contact

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Submitted by will on Mon, 2005-07-25 17:16.

Usually 30MB is quite enough for a product catalog.

And you can configure DBSight to search the latest documents. The older ones will be purged out automatically. So for a constantly updating database, you can keep the latest documents, which may interest you most.

Submitted by will on Wed, 2007-04-11 01:02.

To save the hassel to ask for trial license, the free version now will have unlimited index size without expiration date!

Any user now can use DBSight without any concern, no matter your actual index size.

Actually I think it's more like Gmail's attitude, "I know you won't hit the limit anyway." :)