Spellcheck and Ajax Suggest giving nonexistent suggestions

Submitted by marcv on Sun, 2009-05-03 17:18.Troubleshooting

I notice that our ajax suggest is not giving suggestions for terms that even exist in our index. Also the same for spellcheck. Instead of some intelligent alternate spelling it gives almost a random mutation of a word that does not exist in our index.

I have the dictionary set to use the index and not the file. I tried to do a full reindex last night but that did not help. Before I did that I also tried a full rebuild of the spelling dictionary.

If we search for example "savage" the ajax suggests savage001, savage002, savage003, savage003jh4, savage008xe2. None of these terms make any sense nor do any of them exist in the index.

Is this a bug in my version : 2.1.2 beta(build 385) maybe?


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Submitted by marcv on Thu, 2009-05-07 05:57.

Any insight on this issue yet?

Some of the ajax dropdowns are ok but why would it suggest words that are not even in the index? Same for spellchecker. Rather then correct words it tosses a random letter into the word as an alternate string and that word doesn't exist in our db most of the time.

Also there are cases where much better variants exist. For example I can put in vavage and hope it would correct it to savage which occurs 113609 times in the index but instead it comes up with 'davage' which occurs 6 times