One Click to Sync Remote Index Configuration and Automatic Subscribing!

Submitted by will on Thu, 2010-04-08 15:15.

This is an interesting feature!

Usually if you have several DBSight servers, you may have to log on to several servers to copy index configurations. And sometimes it is hard to track which one has the latest change.

For Enterprise licenses, to use the Remote Index Replication feature, you also need to setup where the master index is.

Now everything is just one click away!

If you have the remote DBSight server's password, you can browse the local network, copy the remote index configuration and templates with one click!

Besides, underneath the cover, the data source configuration and schedules will remain unchanged. This is especially important for production servers.

And the remote index replication will be automatically setup also!

Besides, when the master index is ready, the subscribers will get a "nudge", and retrieve the newly published indexed files. So there new index propagates fairly quickly.

This shall greatly reduce the administration work, making life easier to sync, migrate configuration.

Just one click!