Linearly Scale DBSight with Sharded Search

Submitted by will on Tue, 2010-06-29 20:56.

As your data grows, one single box can not hold all of your data. So what to do? Buy a bigger box or add another box?

Getting a bigger box may work for some. Actually it's much simpler and cost less on man-hours. A few thousands of dollars are much cheaper than putting several developers on it.

Of course, Sharded Search can go further by just adding more computer boxes.

DBSight can now support sharded search now! And you don't need to do much. Just adjust the search URL!

Suppose you are 2 indexes on 2 different boxes. The URL format is pretty simple, just say:


You will be able to automatically search index1 and index2 and combine the results.

Not only just correctly ranking documents from 2 indexes, but also combining the facet search results. So everything is transparent to you.

Isn't it simple to use?