How to get list of documents indexed into DBSight to match with database content?

Submitted by jpandya on Thu, 2010-12-02 12:59.Troubleshooting

I am facing issue in my system; Few doucuments are NOT indexed into DBSight even though they are present in database.
To locate which documents are missing and to identify potential issues with those documents (date format, special characters, bad data, etc), can you please suggest any way to export primary keys for all the successfully indexed documents. If not which are indexed, is there any way to know which documents failed to be indexed into DBSight?

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Submitted by will on Thu, 2010-12-02 15:29.

1. You can create a template with a simple format, with only ids in it. It can be one single main.ftl with content like this:

  <#foreach doc in>

2. set the return result length to a large one, more than your existing number of documents, like


3. Possibly you need go to "Advanced Settings" to set "Empty Query Match All" to true.

4. Then you can send an empty query and get the full list of ids.

Submitted by jpandya on Fri, 2010-12-03 09:06.

Thanks for the note.
Having a template to retrieve all indexed records is good.

But after doing a diff from database to above retrieved all records, I will still have hard time to find reason why the rest of documents are not indexed into DBSight.

Just to go ahead with not indexed documents for any reason eventhough they are present in database, is there any file/feature/log by DBSight, which records documents, failed to be indexed may be with brief reason of failure notice?

For example, if a document having date prior to 1970, DBSight log throws time to early exception for DBSight Version 1.56.
Is it storing this kind missed document's Primary Key into any particular file?