Trouble with search (Want to get objects as return type from DBSight)

Submitted by ramkrs80 on Tue, 2011-05-03 22:18.Troubleshooting

I am using the Google Scaffold to do a search within a polygon.
However , I am not able to get the list of points as lat and long points . Instead I am getting a bunch of text (which is the html) . Is there a way to obtain just the lat and long points as objects from the database ?
My current query looks like ",42.0) longitude(-110.9, -109.0)"
I also tried with "http://localhost:8080/dbsight/"
I am using jquery ajax for the search.
It would be nice if someone replies asap.
I am kind of a newbie to DBsight.
Thanks. I appreciate that.

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Submitted by will on Wed, 2011-05-04 07:39.

You can scaffold a JSONP template, with points with latitude and longitude.

The template is pretty similar to jsp. Just print out any value you want, in any format you want.

Submitted by ramkrs80 on Wed, 2011-05-04 13:13.

So what would be the result of the query in JSONP ? I think the documents.ftl needs to be changed. Right now I am getting html as an output. I still want the final result of the query to return html results. This querying of the lat and long points is just an intermediate step and I need to run these points through a function to see if its inside the polygon or outside.

So would JSONP just return me points (lat and long) without me having to change the existing setup of how it return html ?

Karthik J Iyer