hsqldb with tomcat

Submitted by jaym on Tue, 2011-10-18 19:26.Troubleshooting

I have an hsqld 1.8 database using the jdbc driver. DBSight 4.2.8 is installed on a tomcat6 server on ubuntu 11.04 server.
DBSight comes up okay but I cannot get it to validate my database.
My url is: "jdbc:hsqldb:/home/jay/Desktop/inhdb/inhdb"
(I have the files on the Desktop for now to test).
I keep on receiving the following error:
Test failed! [java.sql.SQLException: File input/output error /home/jay/Desktop/inhdb/inhdb.properties java.io.FileNotFoundException: /home/jay/Desktop/inhdb/inhdb.properties.new (Permission denied)]
I've tried changing the permissions of the inhdb folder and inhdb.properties and inhdb.script so it is owned by user tomcat6 but that didn't work. I've also tried running tomcat6 as root but that didn't work either.
I know the database is working because I can access it with the program I use to add information. Also, I was able to access it with dbsight when installed on a Windows computer.
Any suggestions on fixing this ever so annoying problem?

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Submitted by will on Fri, 2011-10-21 00:17.

It is a permission problem as you suspected. I think you can install the hsqldb as user tomcat.

Or you can use DBSight the zip file version, which uses Jetty instead of tomcat, to run as use "jay", which I suppose installed the hsqldb and should have all the permissions.