Highly Recommended! Virtual Index and DataGrid scaffold

Submitted by chris on Thu, 2012-04-19 20:58.

In latest DBSight release, there are 2 features that we liked so much that we urge your to try them out!

1) Virtual index. It can aggregate several index search results in one page. And those indexes can be on a separated DBSight installation! So you can literally aggregate lots of search in one single page!

2) Data Grid scaffold. It's a feature-loaded powerful scaffold. It can turn data in your common table or views into a full-text searchable data grid, with facet search, sorting, csv export, fullscreen support, infinite scroll, detail page, etc. It's something you can start from a SQL and turn to a professional-looking search page, presentable to your CEO!

We feel excited when designing these features. I think you will be excited when using them.

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Submitted by jek on Mon, 2012-12-10 12:23.

Can you tell us how you can use the virtual index?
And if the search is running will it aggregate the results/merge the results based on for instance the relevance?