About Us

DBSight Inc was started in 2004 in Silicon Valley. We were trying to build a content website, but found database's searching performance is really bad and could not meet our needs. Even some databases have a sort-of full-text search and sometimes it can work, it's not easy to use and hard to customize. We love java search API Lucene, template lauguage Velocity, J2EE, and also are familiar with databases. It's natural for us to get started a re-usable search platform, that you can easily create a search, on any database for any application.

There are three members:

Chris Architect/Developer/Marketer/Customer Service. He has worked in Oracle for more than 5 years.

Will Focuses on Template Design, Index Configuration, Website Design. He has working experience in Oracle for more than 5 years, in Yahoo for 2 years.

Ping Focuses on Query Parser, Query Analysis, Log Analysis. He has worked in Oracle for more than 6 years.

Contact Us

  • DBSight Software can be reached via email through dbsight@gmail.com.
  • We also encourage you to use our forums to make requests or share your thoughts.