Getting a date from doc.getValues

Submitted by jons911 on Mon, 2011-04-25 19:26.Troubleshooting

Using FreeMarker, how do you get a date from a filed that has multiple values? Dates are part of a subsequent query, but using doc.getValues() I can't seem to be able to get a date field back; only the numeric representation of that date. Any tips?

combining levenshtin distance and double metaphone

Submitted by merlin on Wed, 2011-03-16 10:58.Troubleshooting

Hi all,
I'm using the latest dbsight 4.17 release and this is my 7th day using dbsight, so, here is my noob question.

I'm trying to match person's name such as 'picasso'. When searching for 'picaso', 'Bachs' alone with a bunch of other names showed up with the same score as 'picasso'. But to have 'picasso' show up on the top of the list is what I want to achieve. So, I'm thinking, if i can put levenshtin distance in there and assign it with a higher score, then i might be able to solve this problem.(configure search --> searchable columns)
But... i dont know where i can incorporate this. I tried picaso~0.5 as search term and it returns no result. I tried snow ball analyzers but none works. maybe I'm not looking at the right places?

Wildcard search not working.

Submitted by prkumar on Tue, 2011-01-11 15:24.Troubleshooting

I have enabled wildcard search but it is not returning the results.
Is there something else to do other than enabling it and setting Min. wildcard prefix length?

How to get list of documents indexed into DBSight to match with database content?

Submitted by jpandya on Thu, 2010-12-02 12:59.Troubleshooting

I am facing issue in my system; Few doucuments are NOT indexed into DBSight even though they are present in database.
To locate which documents are missing and to identify potential issues with those documents (date format, special characters, bad data, etc), can you please suggest any way to export primary keys for all the successfully indexed documents. If not which are indexed, is there any way to know which documents failed to be indexed into DBSight?

attribute names are repeated

Submitted by anazeem on Fri, 2010-10-15 08:59.Troubleshooting

following code always displays the first attribute name repeatedly instead of displaying all the attribute names.
<#assign attrnames=doc.getValues("ATTRIBUTE_NAME")>
<#list attrnames as attrname>
for e.g. it shows
instead of
It used to work properly in V2.0.8 but not with latest version V4
Following query is used to fetch the data in the Select Data section and it fetches all the attributes instead of repeating the same.
select attrb.catentry_id, as ATTRIBUTE_NAME, attrb.description as ATTRIBUTE_DESC, attrb.groupname, attrv.attribute_id, attrv.attrvalue_id, attrv.stringvalue as ATTRIBUTE_VALUE from attrvalue attrv, attribute attrb where
attrb.attribute_id=attrv.attribute_id and
( in ('FEATURE1','FEATURE2') OR attrb.groupname='G') and

passing multiple custom search parameters

Submitted by anazeem on Mon, 2010-10-11 08:45.Troubleshooting

how to pass multiple custom search parameters.
for e.g. to pass one custom field I can use 'lq' (see below) but how to pass multile search parameters
<c:import url="http://localhost:8080/dbsight/" >
<c:param name="q" value='${WCParam.q}' />
<c:param name="lq" value="TRADEPOSCN_ID:(${tradePositionId})"/>

Remotely create index errors

Submitted by jkeaves on Fri, 2010-10-08 07:44.Troubleshooting

I am using this url from the wiki site to remotely create index, but get this error and process stops.

unknown command:mergeTempIndexesToMain

Thank you

Slower indexing since 3.2.4

Submitted by dbuser on Sat, 2010-08-14 03:03.Troubleshooting

Indexing takes considerably longer compared to version 3.1.9. There is a period of about 40 minutes with high hdd acticity and no log file entries. Without those 40 minutes, the indexing time would be approximately equal.

I have found "Add option to optimize the index after indexing." in the changelog, but under data source -> advanced settings, optimize index is not enabled.
Here is part of the indexing log, let me know if you need more information:

WARN 10-08-14 12:07:08,746| IW 0 [main]: commit: done |LoggerPrintStream:a
WARN 10-08-14 12:07:08,746| IW 0 [main]: at close: _0:c853 _1:c571 _2:c778 _3:c798 _4:c538 _5:c397 _6:c672 _7:c794 _8:c744 _9:c826 _a:c806 _b:c552 _c:c416 _d:c679 _e:c748 _f:c770 _g:c784 _h:c754 _i:c595 _j:c381 _k:c640 _l:c819 _m:c783 _n:c757 _o:c723 _p:c574 _q:c272 _r:c569 |LoggerPrintStream:a
INFO 10-08-14 12:07:08,747| Directory is marked ready: /home/search/dbsight/webapps/dbsight/WEB-INF/data/indexes/name_of_index/temp1 |IndexStatus:setIndexReady
INFO 10-08-14 12:07:08,747| Indexing Context closed! |a:stopAll
INFO 10-08-14 12:07:08,748| Directory is marked ready as up-to-date: /home/search/dbsight/webapps/dbsight/WEB-INF/data/indexes/name_of_index/temp1 |IndexStatus:setIndexReady
INFO 10-08-14 12:07:08,748| Directory is marked not ready: /home/search/dbsight/webapps/dbsight/WEB-INF/data/indexes/name_of_index/temp0 |IndexStatus:setIndexNotReady
INFO 10-08-14 12:07:08,776| Directory is marked ready as up-to-date: /home/search/dbsight/webapps/dbsight/WEB-INF/data/indexes/name_of_index/temp1 |IndexStatus:setIndexReady
INFO 10-08-14 12:07:08,776| Directory is marked not ready: /home/search/dbsight/webapps/dbsight/WEB-INF/data/indexes/name_of_index/temp0 |IndexStatus:setIndexNotReady
INFO 10-08-14 12:47:18,417| ~~~~~~~ name_of_index: ... |IndexManager:start
INFO 10-08-14 12:47:20,741| ~~~~~~~ name_of_index:mergeIndexesIfNeeded ... |IndexManager:start
INFO 10-08-14 12:47:23,817| temp indexes size is 2.71% of the whole directory |IndexMerger:needToMergeSubDirectories
INFO 10-08-14 12:47:24,017| thresh hold to merge temp indexes size is 5% |IndexMerger:needToMergeSubDirectories
INFO 10-08-14 12:47:24,125| ~~~~~~~ name_of_index: ... |IndexManager:start
INFO 10-08-14 12:47:24,133| ~~~~~~~ name_of_index:buildDictionaryIfNeeded ... |IndexManager:start
INFO 10-08-14 12:47:25,539| ~~~~~~~ name_of_index:ping-a-url ... |IndexManager:start
INFO 10-08-14 12:47:25,540| ------- name_of_index:completed, Time used: 2474 seconds |IndexManager:start
INFO 10-08-14 12:47:25,805| Stop retrieving ... |a:a
WARN 10-08-14 12:47:26,308| stopping indexing for name_of_index |SchedulerTool:stop
INFO 10-08-14 12:47:31,640| Period Table: [1970/01/01 01:00:01 CET ~ 2010/08/14 12:06:33 CEST] |a:a
INFO 10-08-14 12:47:31,721| Indexing Context closed! |a:stopAll

Non-alphanumerical characters in search keywords

Submitted by billionstars on Wed, 2010-08-04 14:07.Troubleshooting

We are confused by the search behavior when there are non-alphanumerical characters in the search keywords.
For example,
- Search "Ben 10: Ultimate Alien", the ":" will automatically be removed from the search keyword, and "Ben 10:Ultimate Alien" will have low scores.
- Search "Ben 10:Ultimate Alien", then "Ben 10: Ultimate Alien" will have low scores
- Search "Where's Waldo? Nintendo DS", it seems "Where's" can't be matched.
We are using "One Word, Number or LowerCase" analyzer.
Thanks in advance for your help!

Boolean operator problem

Submitted by Peter_H on Tue, 2010-06-29 14:26.Troubleshooting

I can't get the boolean logic operator to work. I have selected 'AND mode for all keywords' under the 'Configure search' > 'search options' tab, but is does not seem to have any effect on the seachresults. Also appending '&booleanOperator=and' to the search url did not work.

I have combined the Q en LQ parameters in the same URL, the Q parameter contains the date ranges, the LQ parameter the words to be searched for in Lucene syntax.

When I put AND between the words manually there is no problem at all, also combining AND and OR seems to work correctly.

Letting the PHP script (which sends the query to DBSight) add the AND operator between the keywords is no option, it did not work not as expected when using complex queries.

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