Pretty Simple Case

Submitted by slyistheman on Thu, 2009-09-17 19:38.Troubleshooting

I've being using dbsight for 2 days and I almost giving up

I am trying to create a simple search which I cannot get it to work..

I am to connect to the database with no problem when at the Step 2 Connect to the Database which works (MySql)

Let me explain the way I want my search to work..

I have a table that is called section

and in there there is

section_id (1 ,2 3, 4, 5, 6,)

name (chevrolet_aveo, chevrolet_sprint)

title_en (chevrolet aveo, chevrolet sprint)

page (main.jsp)

parent_id (not in use)

Deploying DBSight in weblogic fails

Submitted by prkumar on Fri, 2009-09-11 08:24.Troubleshooting

I am trying to deploy dbsight version 2.1.6 in weblogic as war. It works fine when deployed in exploded form.
The WAR deployment throws null pointer exception while setting root directory at WebserverStatic.setRootDirectory.
In web.xml I tried to change the location of CONFIG_FILE to some other value but it still takes WEB-INF/data/xsearch-config.xml as the location.
Can anyone help resolve this. The application has to be deployed as war for testing in controlled environment.

Statisitcs go away

Submitted by jons911 on Thu, 2009-09-03 05:02.Troubleshooting

Hi -- I can't figure out what makes the search usage statistics go away, but every couple days, I check and more than likely the report says "for the last xxx hours.." not days. The DBSight server has been up for over 3 days now, but the stats are only for 16 hours.

this IndexReader is closed

Submitted by jons911 on Wed, 2009-09-02 20:33.Troubleshooting

Hi -- every so often we get this error message when searches are issued against DBSight:
Searching Error:[this IndexReader is closed]. Has indexing started yet? If you manually added index, please use refresh index action in Dashboard. If Error shows Null and wildcard is used, its because of too many matches and please consider increase the minimal prefix lenght.

The index is definitely built. We do have incremental indexing on every 2 minutes. Wildcard is used, with 3. This search had 18 results. The index has over 320k documents.

Any ideas?

Targeted Search

Submitted by GISGuru on Sat, 2009-08-08 05:59.Troubleshooting


I have a sql like Select Field1, Field2,Field3,Field4,Field5 from TableX

Can I send a query to dbsight specifying what columns to search against, so if you send in the following query data1,data2,data3,data4,data5 the search algorithm will only search for the value data1 in the field Field1 and so on


Numbers in Metaphone Analyzer

Submitted by GISGuru on Wed, 2009-07-29 12:02.Troubleshooting


I'm doing searching against our address database. I am looking at using the Metaphone Analyzer to take into account that people might misspell their entry and so far it is working out really well.

One issue I'm coming up against is with numbers in the address for example 17 Main Street is no different from 77 Main Street according to the Metaphone Analyzer. So if someone enters '17 Main Street' their no guarantee it will be top of the list

How can I overcome this?


Adding Subsequent Query Problem!

Submitted by me.varun on Fri, 2009-07-24 02:11.Troubleshooting

I am presently evaluating DBSight as our Full Text DB Search engine. The results so far has been pretty amazing. But presently i am stuck with a problem:

I am adding a new subsequent query for indexing using the binding variable, but when i do so the no of results decreases from 181 to just 4. I dont understand the what the problem might be. (I have added other subsequent query to the same index and they seems to work just fine.)

I was suspecting it to be some join issue so i tried making a left join but then i get no results.
Please help me out with this one!

Also I was wondering if there is a feature in which we can restrict the search upon one particular column. (Not filters, for filters are just for restricting but for searching.)

Role based security

Submitted by jkoek on Mon, 2009-07-13 01:59.Troubleshooting

We have different groups which are not allowed to see the data from each other.
Plus we have groups who are.
Both are using the same index.
The current security setting is not enough.
The user can be in different roles based on the set of roles he/she is allowed to see the data.
Is it possible to use a role based security as a filter in the dbsight engine and if so, how can I do that?
Example user is in roles a,b,c
Data is allowed to be seen by (b,c) -> user has those roles, ok.
Data is allowed to be seen by (b,c) -> user has those roles, ok.
Data is allowed to be seen by (d) -> user has not those roles, nok.

Subsequent queries and 1~m associations

Submitted by mtjohnson on Tue, 2009-06-30 12:13.Troubleshooting


On the Get Documents step, when creating an index, the directions say:

Subsequent Queries can be used for 1~m associations

In my case I have an order table and an item table that refers back to the order table (1 order many possible items).

My main query selects from the order table, and my subsequent query selects from the item table (where those items match the order's id).

However, on the search results page it only shows the info from the order table and a single item. Shouldn't this somehow show all items pointing to that order? Or am I misunderstanding the functionality?


Submitted by GISGuru on Thu, 2009-06-25 14:10.Troubleshooting


I'm looking to implement DBSight as a search engine for an address database that I'm querying. I have a single field with the address comma separated and have a metaphone analyzer on that field

The search is very good and takes into account misspellings and the like.

One problem I have come up against is 'spaces' in the address. If for example the address is main street if you enter mainstreet you get nowhere near the result.

Any ideas on how I might overcome this


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